What to Wear Hiking to Keep You Safe and Comfortable

Most beginner hikers wear jeans and stylish clothes when hiking. Experts say that it is not an ideal hiking outfit. This outfit is heavy when raining. On the other hand, you feel hot easily when the temperature rises. So, what to wear hiking just like an advanced hiker?

What to Wear Hiking


Wearing underwear is necessary to prevent chafing and uncomfortable wetness. It is better to use underwear made of polyester, nylon, and merino wool. These materials are ideal for hikers because they can absorb moisture and sweat from your body immediately.


Ensure that you are wearing a wicking shirt while hiking. It is okay to wear a short-sleeved shirt in spring. Indeed, you should wear a long-sleeved UPF protection shirt in the summer. The shirts should keep you moving freely and comfortably while absorbing sweat from your body right away.

Pants or Bottoms

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The key to choosing the right pants or bottoms for hiking is your comfort and the way the material absorbs your sweat or moisture. What to wear hiking if you are a beginner? It is okay if you want to wear pants, shorts, or skirts.

One thing is for sure, ensure that it is comfortable to wear. It should keep you free to move. You also need to consider the length and thickness of the pants or bottoms you have to wear. Ensure that the pants or bottoms save you from environmental hazards, including poison, ivy, sharp rock, and pricker.


A jacket for hiking should meet at least 3 criteria, which are packable, waterproof, and windproof. A jacket should be packable in case you want to remove it because of the hot weather. Indeed, your jacket has to be waterproof so it helps to protect your body from rainwater.

Sometimes, the hiking area can be so windy. That’s why it is also necessary to wear a windproof jacket. A Jacket by Mountain Equipment can be a good option to bring while hiking.


Now, what shoes are best for hiking? It should meet three criteria, which are your preference, weather conditions, and trail terrain. Choose only shoes that keep you comfortable during the hiking. Advanced hikers often wear hiking boots.

Other hikers even love to wear hiking sandals. Check the condition first and decide whether you have to wear waterproof shoes or not. The trail terrain is also an important consideration.

Wearing a pair of sneakers is great if the terrain is flat. Hiking boots are a wise option if you are about to hike around rocky terrain.

Now, you don’t need to get confused about what to wear hiking anymore. Follow the tips above and you are ready to go.

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