What Size Backpack for Hiking and The Importance of Knowing It

Choosing a what size backpack for hiking can be frustrating. You want to ensure that the backpack can hold all items you should bring. On the other hand, the backpack should be as lightweight as it can so it doesn’t make you exhausted. Indeed, you should know what size backpack for hiking. Here, we have the explanation for you.

What Size Backpack for Hiking if You are a Beginner

There are three different types of backpacks you can use for hiking. It depends on the time you want to spend. For example, a 30 to 50-liter backpack is enough if you want to hike on the weekend. It can be one night to three nights. It is known as a weekend pack.

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Hikers love to wear this backpack because it is less bulky gear, but efficient enough to bring all crucial items. You can bring a 50 to 80-liter pack if you want to hike for 3 to 5 nights. Backpacks by REI are recommended if you often do this hiking. It is known as multi-day packs. This pack is perfect for those who want to do specific sports activities while hiking, such as skiing.

You should bring a 70-liter or even larger backpack if you want to hike for over 5 nights. It holds your extra clothing, a sleeping bag, and a tent. It is also a good option for parents who bring their kids to hike.

Backpack Features

While searching for what size backpack for hiking, you also need to know about the features of the backpack. It is also crucial if you are looking for hiking for beginners. For example, you should consider the frame type whether it uses an internal or external model.

Backpacks with internal frames are suitable to keep you stable even in difficult terrains. On the other hand, backpacks with an external frame are perfect for hikers who have to bring a heavy load.

A good backpack often contains ventilation or known as a suspended mesh back panel. It is effective enough for hikers who have sweaty-back syndrome.

Backpack Fit

You should consider the torso length and waist size while choosing the best backpack for hiking. Most manufacturers design backpacks with a variety of torso lengths. You only have to check the product specification tab to get the details.

The waist size should be around 20 inches to 40 inches or even larger. One thing is for sure, your hips should support the backpack weight comfortably during hiking.

The point is that searching for what size backpack for hiking is crucial. It determines your comfort and even safety while hiking. Ensure that you get the best pack after reading this information.

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