What Shoes are Best for Hiking 3 Crucial Criteria to Answer

What shoes are best for hiking? Looking for the best hiking shoes is something you should do. Wearing the right shoes prevents you from injuries while hiking. You can also walk fast and handle the terrain well. As a result, you can achieve the finish point faster and in a comfortable condition. So, what shoes are best for hiking?

What Shoes are Best for Hiking for Beginners

The first thing to get the best shoes for hiking, you should know the right types of shoes you want to wear. For example, you can choose hiking shoes with low-cut models and flexible midsoles. This product is suitable for long-distance hiking due to its lightweight nature.

Wearing a pair of day hiking boots is also suitable. This product often has mid-cut to high-cut models. Just like its name, it is good for day hikes or short hiking routes. Backpacking boots are another alternative.

Most backpacking boots have a high-cut model. Professional manufacturers, such as Salomon or Merrell often create this product with stiffer midsoles. It works effectively to lighter the boots.

Check the Components

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You should also check the components when you are asking what shoes are best for hiking. It includes the material, midsoles, internal support, and outsole. Full-grain leather is the most common option even if you are looking for more information about hiking for beginners.

This material has great durability, abrasion resistance, and water resistance. It is also more flexible whether for long hiking routes, hiking with heavy loads, or passing through hard terrains. Alternatively, you can choose split-grain, nubuck, and synthetic leather.

There are two midsoles in hiking shoes, which are EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and polyurethane. Choose a boot with shanks or a plate’s internal support. Manufacturers also often use two outsoles, which are lug pattern and heel brake for their hiking shoes.

Ensure that the Shoes is Fit in Your Feet

Indeed, you should know your size, including the foot’s length, width, and arch length. Most hikers forget about the volume of their feet. The truth is that foot volume is also crucial. Ensure that the shoes have space for the width of your thumb.

Remember to consider whether you want to wear socks or not. Indeed, this decision affects the size of your hiking shoes. Try to wear shoes and walk around the room. You can take and wear it when it feels comfortable.

So, these three criteria will help to find what shoes are best for hiking. As a result, you can keep your feet safe during hiking. It even helps to achieve the finish point faster.

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