The Best Portable Propane Fire Pit You Need to Have in 2022

If you love camping, you need to find the best portable propane fire pit that will fulfill all of your needs. Camping is a very relaxing outdoor activity you can enjoy with your family and friends. Nothing feels as satisfying as enjoying nature with your loved ones or even by yourself.

One of the most important things you need to have when you are camping is a good old-fashioned campfire. The smell and sounds of logs popping into the flame will feel very relaxing. On top of that, watching the coals glow in the dark will make you feel very warm inside.

However, making a traditional campfire can be quite a hassle, especially if you are a practical person. That is why you need to find the perfect alternative to real wood fires. And luckily for you, you will be able to substitute real wood campfires with wood-less camping fire pits. And that is where a portable fire pit comes in to save the day.

Having a portable campfire saves you a lot of trouble in making a traditional campfire. A portable campfire will help you enjoy gathering and socializing with your family and friends without having to do any work at all. That is why getting a portable propane campfire can be a perfect solution for your camping troubles.

But before you buy a portable fire pit, you need to know the best one you can find in the market. On top of that, you also need to know the qualities you need to look for in a portable fire pit. And luckily for you, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about portable propane fire pits.

Why Choose Portable Propane Fire Pit Instead of a Real Campfire?

Before we talk about portable fire pits, let’s talk about why you should choose this alternative instead of a real campfire. Although a real campfire can give you an immersive camping experience, this type of campfire might not be ideal in certain situations. Other than that, you will also find a few disadvantages of using a real campfire.

First of all, you might not like the smell of smoke that comes from a real campfire. The smoke smell from a real campfire can stick to your clothes and last a long time. After gathering in a real campfire, you will smell like smoke the next day, which can be inconvenient.

Other than that, a real campfire can be quite a hassle. You will have to constantly find an adequate supply of firewood to get the campfire going. And this can be very tiring, especially if you only want to relax on your camping site. Looking for firewood all the time beats the purpose of a relaxing camping trip.

Another alternative is to buy firewood. However, firewood can be very expensive. And you do not want to add that to your budget list. Other than that, some states in America do not even allow bringing firewood from one state to another. And if there is a fire ban in the state, you cannot have firewood in your possession. A lot of campgrounds even ban firewood to prevent forest fires, which is why having a real campfire might not be as ideal as having a portable propane fire pit.

Portable Fire Pits – The Perfect Solution for Campfires

To solve your campfire problem, you need to have a portable fire pit. You can think of a portable fire pit as a campfire in a can. The best thing about this fire pit is the fact that you do not need to have wood to light this fire pit. And since it is portable, you will be able to easily carry this fire pit around as you camp.

You will find many benefits from using a portable fire pit. And these benefits will encourage you to get a portable fire pit right now. Here are some of the things you will be able to enjoy if you have a portable fire pit for camping.

  • Light a fire anywhere. The first thing you will enjoy is the ability to light a fire anywhere. You will find many obstacles in trying to light a traditional wood fire. However, with a portable fire pit, you will not encounter any problems at all when you are trying to light a fire for camping. All you need to do is to bring your portable fire pit on your camping trip and you are all set.
  • Easy to use. Second of all, you will also be glad to know that a portable fire pit is very easy to use. You do not need to carry heavy firewood everywhere. All you need to do is to find the right spot to light up your campfire and you will be able to enjoy the warmth in no time. On top of that, a portable fire pit is lightweight, allowing you to carry it around without any problem at all.
  • You have total control. Another benefit of using a portable fire pit is how much control you have. You can easily control the flame size, how much heat the fire pit puts out, and when you want to turn it off. You do not need to hassle with finding water to put out the fire before you go to bed.
  • No smell. You will also be glad to know that you will not get any of that smoke smell after you enjoy yourself around the fire pit. You will smell clean and fresh until the next day.
  • Safe. Lastly, a portable fire pit is generally safer than a traditional campfire. Why? Well, simply because you do not need to worry about getting hot ash or embers to your clothes or folding chairs. That is why a portable fire pit is a perfect alternative to a traditional campfire.

Portable Propane Fire Pit Safety Tips

Another thing you need to know before you get a portable fire pit is some safety tips. Although a portable fire pit is generally very safe, you still need to know a few safety cautions for it. That way, you will be able to enjoy a warm fire without having to worry about anything at all.

The first thing you need to remember is not to use this type of fire pit indoors. A propane fire pit will produce carbon monoxide when it is on. And if you use this fire pit indoors, the carbon monoxide might collect in the room, potentially causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Another thing you need to remember is to keep the unit as far away as possible from the propane gas cylinder. An outdoor propane fire pit usually comes with a 10-foot hose. You might want to use it if you want to keep everything safe.

Features of a Propane Fire Pit

Next, let’s talk about some features you will normally find in a propane fire pit. Most propane campfire pits have a circular design. Some brands even have a lid that you can use to raise the campfire’s height or as a carrying case.

You will normally get an 8-10-foot propane hose with the propane fire bit that you have bought. You can attach this propane hose to a small portable propane tank, allowing the portable fire pit to start operating. And that can be very convenient for you since you do not have to buy a propane hose.

How Long Does a Propane Fire Pit Run?

A standard propane fire pit will usually run for around 7 to 11 hours off from a 20-pound propane tank. However, the time depends on the flame settings that you are using on your propane fire pit. If you set the flame setting to high, the fire pit will use more propane. Then, the propane will run out much faster than usual.

The Best Propane Fire Pits in the Market

Best Seller

In Stock

SANAUVULCAN Portable Propane Fire Pit, 58,000 BTU

  • Wide Versatility
  • Safe Heating System
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Complete Fire Pit Kit
  • After Sale Service

Now that you know everything there is to know about portable propane fire pits, let’s talk about the best propane fire pits you can find on the market today. You will be able to find hundreds of thousands of propane fire pits in the market. However, you need to know that certain fire pits are better than most. And you need to know the qualities to look for in a great portable fire pit. And luckily for you, we have a reliable list that might help you with your search for the best propane fire pit.

Outland Firebowl Premium – Best Overall Fire Pit

The Outland Firebowl Premium might be the best fire pit you can find in the market today. This fire pit has many features that most portable fire pits cannot offer. Some of these features include automatic ignition, larger pit size, and approval from the CSA.

However, the Outland Firebowl Premium also has a couple of disadvantages. This fire pit has a small burner, which means it will give off less heat. Other than that, you also need lava rock to keep it going. The carrying bag is not included in the fire pit purchase, which means you have to buy it separately.

Best Seller

In Stock

Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pit, 21-inch, 58,000 BTU

  • Perfect no mess campfire
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Beat the campfire ban
  • Complete fire pit kit
  • Signature outland living quality

Pros :

  • CSA approved
  • Larger pit size
  • Automatic ignition

Cons :

  • Carrying bag not included
  • Lava rock required
  • Smaller burner

Outland Firebowl Standard – Runner-Up Fire Pit

The runner-up portable propane fire pit on our list is the Outland Firebowl Standard. This fire pit is very large, allowing you to enjoy a good campfire while you are camping. Other than that, the CSA has already approved this fire pit as well, which is why it is a great contender for the best portable fire pit on the market.

Unfortunately, the Outland Firebowl Standard has a similar disadvantage to its premium version. On top of that, you will also find fewer features in this Outland Firebowl fire pit compared to the premium version. But aside from that, this portable fire pit is a decent fire pit that can fulfill your needs.

Pros :

  • CSA approved
  • Large size

Cons :

  • Carrying bag not included
  • Lava rock required
  • Small burner
  • Fewer features

Camp Chef Propane Fire Ring – Best Budget Fire Pit

Best Seller

In Stock

14-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Pit for Camping with Cover, Carry Kit and Lava Rock Stones, 58,000 BTU

  • Portable And Easy To Transport
  • Smokeless Fire Pit
  • Beat The Campfire Ban
  • Signature Outland Living Quality
  • Complete Fire Pit Kit

If you are looking for something that will go easy on your pockets, you might want to take a look at Camp Chef Propane Fire Ring. This portable fire pit is the way to go if you are looking for something good and affordable at the same time.

The Camp Chef Fire Ring fire pit has many advantages. The most obvious advantage is its affordable price. This fire pit also comes with a carry bag, which means you do not have to spend more money on the carrying bag. The warranty does not involve any hassle in this fire pit. On top of that, you will also find folding legs on the fire pit, allowing you to store them easily.

Unfortunately, the bowl size of this fire pit is quite small, which is around 15 inches. This fire pit also uses lava rock, which can be inconvenient for you. However, those are the only disadvantages you will see from this fire pit.

Pros :

  • Affordable price
  • Hassle-free warranty
  • Carrying bag included
  • Folding legs

Cons :

  • Lava rock required
  • Small bowl size

Flame King Outdoor – Runner-Up Budget Fire Pit

The last portable fire pit on our list is the Flame King Outdoor. This fire pit is also an affordable fire pit that you can use on your camping trips. It has many advantages, including being very lightweight, affordable, self-ignition, approved by the CSA, and includes weather and UV-resistant lid.

However, this fire pit uses lava rocks. And you will not find enough lava rocks that will cover the burner. Because of this, you might need to purchase extra lava rocks to get the fire pit going. However, that is the only disadvantage of this fire pit.

Pros :

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • CSA approved
  • Weather and UV-resistant lid

Cons :

  • Lava rocks required


Having a campfire while you are camping is one of the most incredible things you can experience. And instead of making a traditional campfire, you can have a campfire with the help of a portable fire pit. With the help of our guide, you will be able to find the best portable propane fire pit for your camping trips in the future.

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