Hiking for Beginners: The 3 Basic Guide for New Hikers

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity to do, but it can be intimidating for beginners. Only because you are walking doesn’t mean that you are underestimating this activity. Indeed, you should learn more about hiking for beginners, including items to wear and bring. Check the details below.

Gear for Hiking for Beginners

Generally, you don’t need to wear special gear while hiking, but ensure that it is comfortable to wear. So, what to wear hiking if you are a beginner? Instead of wearing jeans and regular clothes, you would better wear workout clothes for active users.

Mix it with long pants or tights. This pair of pants is perfect because it protects your leg from thorns while passing through the bushes. Wearing long sleeve shirts is also good for protection. This cloth is also flexible to wear.

You only have to roll up the sleeves when it feels so hot. Use a good pair of sneakers, such as Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX. The right sneaker prevents you from serious injuries and keeps you walking comfortably until the finish line. Remember to bring a backpack, water, snack, and extra cloth. It is also important to bring a raincoat in case it suddenly rains there.

Choose the Right Route

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Since you are a beginner hiker, you would better take a route that is set for hiking for beginners. Never be too confident by choosing the route for advanced or even professional hikers. You never know what will happen in the wild.

Advanced and professional hikers have enough experience to handle any possibility. It can be dangerous if you choose the wrong route. For example, instead of choosing a long and difficult route, you would better pick a route less than 5 miles. Ensure that the route has minimal climbing. Then, increase the miles gradually for about a mile or two miles weekly.

Learning about Reading a Map

As a hiker, you should understand how to read a map. It is crucial to know your position and ensure that you are on the right track. Even if you get lost, you can only open the map and find out your location. Indeed, you know where to go back to the right track.

You should bring a map even if you have a GPS on your smartphone. Imagine if the signal is so bad in your hiking area. Indeed, you still need a traditional map to find out the hiking route.

These three basics are for hiking for beginners and you should know them before starting your first hike. It keeps you achieving the destination safely. Even if something bad happens, the basic things above will be so valuable to help you.

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