Hammock Swing by Legit Camping Test Report

Chilling out, relaxing, taking breaks while hiking, spending the night, there are many different uses for hammocks. We tested the Legit Camping hammock swing for suitability.

How does the super cheap hammock fare in our test? There are now quite a few cheap travel hammocks on Amazon. But one of them caught my eye (not least because of the cool name).

The Legit Camping! In this little test I want to report on my experiences with the Legit Camping and show you what impression the hammock swing makes on me.

Legit Camping Hammock Swing Review

hammock swing review
Photo by Zach Betten on Unsplash


When unpacking the Legit Camping, the travel hammock makes a very good impression. The logo is chic and well stitched and the pouch is neatly finished.

I first put the Legit Camping on the scale because I wanted to check the weight. At first glance, the hammock seemed a bit heavier than stated.

The Legit Camping hammock is made of nylon (parachute silk), which makes the thin fabric appear high quality. The seams are also well and stably processed and leave nothing to be desired, that’s how it should be! Of course you have to be careful with the fire, but this should generally be known with plastic items. Greetings from our Helinox Chair Zero.

The suspension set included in the scope of delivery (two 2.75 m long heavy-duty straps including carabiners) also appears to be of high quality. We never had the feeling that anything could tear and we could land hard on the ground. The 180kg maximum load of the hammock is also completely sufficient, nothing will tear there that easily.

The design is cool and you can choose between kitschy or (which we prefer) muted colors. So you can either attract attention with your hammock or hide in the undergrowth in the forest. There is definitely something for everyone.

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The structure is really simple. The fastening system supplied is tree-friendly on the one hand and on the other hand can be hung up super quickly and easily thanks to the sewn-on loops. In contrast to a thin suspension cable, the wide straps prevent the weight of the strap from cutting into the bark.

Loops are sewn onto the straps, into which you can easily attach the carabiner. This allows the angle of the mat to be adjusted quite well. If the loops were smaller and therefore closer together, an even finer adjustment would be possible, which would then lead to the perfect hammock angle. But the mat can also be easily adjusted with the existing 10 loops.

Everything you need to attach the Legit Camping is included: Two straps, each 2.75 m long and 2.5 cm wide, which you simply wrap around the tree. The attachment is (as mentioned above) relatively heavy, but it protects the bark of the tree.

Tree protection is becoming more and more important with hammocks swing, since some parks and forest operators (rightly) now attach great importance to it. Thin ropes can cut into the bark and permanently injure the tree. This is not a problem with the wide straps of the Legit Camping.

Steps to assemble the Legit Camping hammock

  1. Loop the two straps around two matching trees and thread through the loopless end of the strap and pull tight
  2. Hang the hammock with the carabiner in a suitable loop on one side
  3. Go to the other side and simply attach the carabiner there as well

Finished! It’s that simple. And it’s also easy to readjust if the mat doesn’t hang optimally. Simply hook one of the carabiners into another loop so that the angle changes. The maximum possible distance between two trees is about 6m (depending on the thickness of the tree, of course).


The hammock is designed for one or two people, and it is good for that. Nevertheless, the freedom of movement is restricted, the mat could be a touch longer. Larger people in particular are likely to have problems here. Sleeping in a hammock swing isn’t much fun. But that is a problem that many hammock swing on the market have. Why these are not cut at least a little larger is and remains a mystery.

A little tip: if you lie diagonally in a hammock swing, you don’t sag and your back stays straight.

Overall, the comfort is good, but we still like the hammocks from Ticket to the Moon better in terms of comfort, a purely subjectively.

Conclusion on the Legit Camping hammock

The manufacturer specifies the load capacity of the Legit Camping as 200 kg. I haven’t been able to check the resilience yet, but my subjective impression is very stable. I am not worried that the 200 kg could not be reached. Above all, the very stable attachment should be beyond any doubt.

The size of the Legit Camping is given on Amazon as 305 x 183 cm. I measured here and unfortunately only reached a dimension of the cloth surface of 260 x 135 cm. The total length including carabiner is 310 cm.

The compactness and low price of $29 make the Legit Camping hammock swing a real buy for vacation, free time and relaxing in the park. Even for day hikes, we simply packed the mat in our backpack and took it with us, the breaks are then really relaxed. The cool design and the good workmanship complete the positive impression.

However, the weight (which is about 100g higher than specified by the manufacturer!) speaks against taking it on a multi-day tour, so we find the ultra-light complete solutions from Amazona to be the better option. In addition, the mat is a bit too short for comfortable sleeping and we lack a tarp and a mosquito net in addition to the Legit Camping hammock swing of course you can also use another manufacturer, but these solutions will not fit perfectly on the hammock.

Technical details of the hammock Swing

  • Weight: 900g (incl. suspension and packing bag) – weighed by myself
  • Material: nylon
  • Size: 305x183cm
  • Suspension: included, 200kg load capacity and 2 x 2.75m long straps with sewn-in loops
  • Maximum load: 400kg
    Pack size: 17 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Price: 29$
The advantages and disadvantages of the Legit Camping hammock at a glance


+ Inexpensive
+ Well made

+ Tree-friendly suspension included


– Not ultra light
– No tarp and mosquito net from the same manufacturer

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