Why You Should Have Candle Heater for Tent [2022]

It’s a common misconception to think that a candle heater for tent is dangerous to have. You may think it’s because having a fire in a closed space like a camping tent only attracts hazards and further troubles.

You who often go on a camping trip must have experienced this dilemma. The night it’s cold, yet it’s not too much to bundle up. Another dilemma is when you don’t bring a lot of thick clothes and the night gets a bit too cold even when inside the sleeping bag.

Keep on reading to understand what a candle heater is, and how it’s the solution you never thought to need.

Is Candle Heater for Tent Safe to Use?

Firstly, let’s clear up several things. As the name suggests, a candle heater has an active flame. Your fear is understandable, especially when you plan to use the heater to make your tent warm.

However, there are numerous steps to keep you safe while using one. As long as you adhere to these guidelines, you are keeping yourself and your loved one safe.

For example, you need to check and try the heater before your journey. Even if it’s just a weekend trip in the wood, you need to ensure that your gears are working properly. And this includes the heater.

And if it’s your first time using one, you may want to familiarize yourself with the structure. Take some time to disassemble and reassemble the model to see how things are. Having all these in regard, a candle heater is safe to use inside a tent.

Why Candle heater?

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When it comes to aromatherapy, an electric candle warmer is much preferred. Of course, some people still enjoy the classic burner, but an electric one, especially the ones shaped like a lamp, gained more popularity in the past few years.

As for camping, a candle heater is your solution for light and warmth. You also can toss is some scent if you want. The best part is because it’s portable and doesn’t require electricity. And if you compare the price with an electric heater, you will know which to buy in a heartbeat.

Most candle heaters come with flame-retardant glass as a cover. But some models have tin or ceramics as the protector. Usually, the models with tin covers also work as an alcohol burner. At any rate, a candle heater does not expose the flame directly like a candlestick or an aromatherapy burner. Therefore, it’s much safer for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Some of you may argue that using thick blankets and wearing thick jackets will be enough to keep yourself warm. But if you’re familiar with camping and outdoor activities, you understand that your tent needs to be warm as well, as you can’t wear your jacket all the time.

Even if you can change your clothes at lightning speed to quickly snug inside the sleeping bag. You can’t argue that there are seconds when you’re being exposed to cold air. After all, carrying thick blankets and jackets means carrying more useless weight when you can have the space for something else.

How to find a good Camping candle heater?

The first thing you need to check is how sturdy the material is. Check how thick it is to see if it will give maximum protection. Thickness also matters in how much heat it can emit. However, it doesn’t mean that a thinner aluminum or glass will emit more heat.

A small candle can burn for up to 15 hours and emits around 13 BTU/h. In comparison, the medium size will burn for up to 20 hours and give up to 20 BTU/h. With this information and how big your tent is, you will know how long you should use the heater to warm your tent.

The last two things are the weight and how easy it is to assemble. Keep in mind that price may or may not affect these two. Some expensive models may be more complicated to reassemble. And some brands also limit their models with their in-house candles instead of regular ones.

So, I can take a candle heater camping?

When you do so, make sure that you understand the risk and can take safety precautions. Many things can go wrong instantly when you least expect it.

Before you start lighting the candle, you need to clear the area from any flammable items. It means any blanket, jacket, and other items. Disassemble the heater and make sure that it’s clean and usable.

You should light the candle outside of the tent to see if it works properly. Wait until the candle and light settle a bit and put the heater inside of the tent. Make sure that the heater is on a flat surface and not directly on the tent’s door before you close the tent. But you still need to let some air out from the tent in case of your candle starts smoking.

It takes a while for the heater to warm the tent. Say if you’re using a small tent that fits two people, you will need to leave the heater inside for up to one hour. It’s only okay to consider using multiple heaters or a larger one when you have a large area to cover. The only thing you increase is the risk of a fire and not the chance of warming your tent swiftly.

One hour is a short time, you can do numerous things during this period. You can read a book, cook, or do whatever you want outside of your tent. Anyhow, it’s best to keep the tent closed until the hour is up. That will maximize the heat from the candle and will make your tent feel much warmer.

If you want it to be warmer, you can leave the heater on a bit longer. However, don’t forget to turn off the candle as soon as you enter the tent. Many people think they can treat a candle heater like how they treat a candle warmer at home. It’s a wrong and disastrous notion to have. It’s never a good idea to sleep in a tent with an active flame in the heater.

Can I Use Makeshift Heater inside?

While a candle lantern can be an affordable and justified purchase, you may need to make one at times. Perhaps you forget to bring one or there’s not enough heater for all tents. While it’s perfectly doable to make one, it’s not exactly for indoor usage. A makeshift heater lacks the safety measures that an actual heater has.

Many people think that a candle heater is only as good as a hand warmer. But they hold multiple benefits that you will enjoy. Accidents mostly happen due to unsafe practices instead of the product’s faulty. Still, make sure that the product you buy is adhering to the safety standard.

After understanding it better and knowing why you need one, don’t hesitate to order one candle heater for tent. These heaters work perfectly when you’re at home or when you’re exploring the wood. And since most of them are affordable compared to an electric heater, it can be the best purchase you ever have in years.

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